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Murals and Trompe L'Oeil houston

Painting the sky on a ceiling is a popular mural. Perhaps you would like an ocean view or grape vines on your beauty salon wall, or a Tuscan villa with vineyards and white fluffy clouds painted in your restaurant. We can beautify your home, office, or restaurant with a mural or Trompe l’ oeil painting. Anything you can imagine can be painted on a wall, ceiling, or surfaces, inside or outside. We have seen some unique places people wanted a mural. No matter where you want the mural to be painted, GJ’s Construction and Painting is your solution.

Children’s Murals

Give your children’s room a unique and creative touch! We can create a beautiful mural to match the theme of your child’s room or to reflect their personality. If you and your child would like, we can teach them and they can participate in the painting. At Gary Cotton Construction and Painting we love to work with children. Imagine them telling their friends that they painted the mural in their own room!?

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Trompe l’oeil

Trompe l’ oeil painting is taking a mural painting one more step, adding more details like shadowing and making sure everything is in true prospective. Trompe l’ oeil is French for “deceiving the eye” or fooling the eye. For many years, Trompe l’ oeil artists only painted still life. However, now you can see an entire nature scene, such as a couple of columns that frame a beautiful vineyard in the distance and perhaps a bird feeder or fountain closer up.

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